Halloween: Svelando le sue Spaventose Origini e Tradizioni

Halloween: Unveiling its Scary Origins and Traditions

Oct 24, 2023Federico Milone

Halloween, a holiday beloved by many, often surpasses even Thanksgiving and Christmas in terms of excitement. We won't take sides in the holiday hierarchy, but it's undeniable that Halloween holds a special place in our hearts. But have you ever wondered about the origins of this disturbing celebration? There may be various interpretations, but let's dive into the most widely accepted one.

From the pagan festival of Samhain to All Hallows' Eve: The evolution of 

Halloween has its roots in the ancient Celtic festival known as “Samhain,” a pagan observance that marked the transition from summer to winter. During Samhain, participants wore costumes to ward off evil spirits. In the evolving fabric of history, with the spread of the Catholic faith replacing paganism in many regions, November 1st the feast of All Saints gradually took on the role of Samhain, becoming a day dedicated to the honor of the saints. The night before November 1 was christened “All Hallows’ Eve,” which eventually morphed into the beloved “Halloween.”

The Legend of Stingy Jack: The Mystery Behind the Pumpkin Lanterns

As many already know, the tradition of carving pumpkins into lantern shapes comes from Ireland's famous Jack-o'-Lanterns, an homage to the legend of Stingy Jack. Stingy Jack had cunningly tricked the Devil and obtained a deal to avoid damnation. However, when Jack died, neither Heaven nor Hell would accept him, so he was forced to wander Earth as a restless spirit. In an act of curious kindness, the Devil offered Jack a lantern to light his path, giving rise to the practice of carving lanterns with sinister features to ward off wandering spirits.

Halloween in Italy: A recent phenomenon that conquers children
And what happens on Halloween in Italy? Italy embraced this spooky celebration just a few decades ago. Today, it is not uncommon to see children trick-or-treating in their neighborhoods on October 31, a sight that would have been rare before the 1980s. The timing is perfect, considering November 1st is a national holiday in Italy, with schools closed. This allows children to stay awake a little longer, immerse themselves in scary stories and enjoy their sweet treasures.

Embrace the spookiest time of the year with open arms and a pumpkin-inspired celebration. Happy Halloween!


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