PUGLIA, il tacco dello "stivale" d'Italia

PUGLIA, the heel of the "boot" of Italy

Dec 27, 2023Federico Milone

Puglia is easily identifiable: it is the heel of Italy's "boot". 

There are many reasons to visit Puglia: nature, history, ancient ruins, trulli (typical Apulian dry stone buildings), incredible beaches and, of course, food and wine. Each city you visit boasts a new variety of culinary traditions.


Like many southern regions, Puglia's cuisine is "cucina povera": delicious, but made with simple, fresh ingredients. Puglia is an agricultural region, characterized by fertile soil. Puglia's main ingredients include extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, chickpeas and seafood. Puglia is also an important wine producing region, such as the famous Primitivo wine.

We start our gastronomic tour of Puglia from the capital: Bari.


Bari is the capital of Puglia. Not only is it an important center in southern Italy, but it is also a beautiful place full of historical sites. Don't miss old Bari, home to the Basilica of San Nicola and the Bari Cathedral. But let's not forget that we are here to eat. When you are in Bari, you absolutely must try the most typical dish of the city: Orecchiette with turnip greens. The name of the pasta, orecchiette, alludes to its shape, similar to "little ears". It's a super tasty dish that includes chopped broccoli rabe, pecorino cheese and pieces of sausage.


Altamura, in the center of Puglia, is a small and characteristic city. It boasts a beautiful cathedral, churches and historic streets. But there is one thing that makes Altamura truly famous: the fabulous bread. Altamura bread is made of durum wheat and has a soft crust. It is usually round in shape, with a simply magical flavour... Italians love good bread!

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