Magnifico Food

Christmas BOX from 39 euros


At Christmas, give the Box n. 1 of Magnifico, your friends and family will enjoy the content. In fact, the box contains 8 100% Italian handcrafted products:

1) A pack of Pasta Scialatelli 250 gr. produced with Senatore Cappelli variety semolina by the BioLu farm;

2) A bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml. organic Peranzana variety produced by the Bio Orto company;

3) A pack of organic tomatoes 200 gr. dried in the sun produced by the Bio Orto company;

4) A pack of tarallini 200 gr. handmade with Type 1 Risciola flour and natural mother yeast made by the BioLu farm;

5) A pack of Ligurian pesto 180 g composed of Genoese Basil DOP, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fine pine nuts and Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 30 months, produced by the Sant'Agata d'Oneglia oil mill;

6) A pack of 80% Arabica 250 gr. produced by Caffè Aiello;

7) An 80g bar of Chocolate from Modica I.G.P. 70% Ecuador Nacional fino de aroma cocoa produced by the Sicilian company Marzapani;

8) A bottle of 100% Merlot 0.75 liter red wine from the Treviso plain produced by the Marocchesa company 

Eat Well, Eat Italian