Fratelli Lunardi, Deliziosi Biscotti dal 1966

Fratelli Lunardi, Delicious Biscuits since 1966

Oct 24, 2023Federico Milone

Two brothers, one passion

Born and raised in Tuscany, Riccardo and Massimiliano Lunardi are two brothers who work together in their family business. In 1966 their parents founded a bakery and a small grocery store. “We took our first steps in the bakery and the grocery store, where we had our first insights into this world. However, we continue to learn something new every day,” they say.

A family tradition with an eye on innovation

Riccardo and Massimiliano Lunardi describe themselves as "two brothers born and raised surrounded by the beauty of Tuscany, passionate about the wonderful products of the most beautiful regions of Italy". Today they produce delicious biscuits, traditional Cantucci, leavened cakes and baked goods. Genuinely passionate about taste and handmade delicacies, Riccardo and Massimiliano continue to carry on the family tradition with an eye towards innovation.

From Tuscany to the world

Lunardi's headquarters are located in Quarrata, a small town in the province of Pistoia (Tuscany). Today Lunardi launches onto the national and international scene with high quality, handcrafted foods. Their products are sold all over the world; you can find them, among others, at Harrod's in London, at La Rinascente in Milan, at Käfer in Munich and in restaurants owned by Ferragamo in Florence.

Chocolate is king

Lunardi's signature specialty is the chocolate biscuit. This cookie is famous for its large, delicious chocolate chunks. It is a special recipe in which chocolate is combined with the crumbly dough of Tuscan Cantucci. The chocolate pieces make the experience even more delicious.

The queen is the Almond

Another excellent product is the traditional almond Cantucci. Cantucci are one of the most traditional recipes of Tuscan cuisine. Lunardi adds a little organic butter to obtain a softer and tastier result.

Study, research and selection of suppliers

The Lunardi brothers dedicate meticulous care to the selection of ingredients and suppliers. "We were born and raised in Tuscany: a land rich in flavors and wonderful landscapes", they say, "perhaps this is why we are so inclined towards taste and beauty!".

Respect for the environment

Lunardi is an eco-friendly company. They use recyclable paper bags and 100% recycled paper boxes for their products. This is certainly another reason to choose Lunardi products.

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